My Travel Survival-Kit!

My Travel Survival-Kit!

This year I am going to be doing alot of travelling and in less than a week I’ll be getting on the dreaded 24 hour flight from London to Sydney.  I couldn’t cope without my travel essentials and here I’ll give you a rundown of the things I can’t live without on a long-haul flight:

  1. The trusty Samsonite – nothing is more robust than this and believe me this case can take an absolute beating! It’s also really lightweight so if you want to squeeze every last bit of your wardrobe into it, you definitely won’t feel the weight as much as you would with other suitcase brands out there.
2. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t get on a flight (not even shorthaul) without an eye mask.  My Oliver Bonas mask is so soft and luxurious, I love it.  Provides me with that extra bit of home comfort that’s needed and it goes along way with helping me shut off.

3. Slipper socks – the ultimate in comfort on a flight and it is so important to keep your extremities warm.  I struggle with the cold at the best of times and for some reason they always seem to crank up the air-con when you least need and expect it.  These socks are a dream.

4. There is nothing more annoying than when you’re trying to get some sleep and all you can hear is the sound of that awful tinny music coming from your neighbour’s headphones.  Not only will these noise-cancelling earphones drown out that sound, but it also stops you from becoming that person with the music bleeding out.

5. My lavender sleep oil is last year’s best discovery for me.  Honestly this stuff just knocks me out and smells divine.  You’re welcome.

6. Okay so this is probably one of the most important items you need to take with you – the skincare essentials that you can’t travel without. The air con really dries me out but this kit will help sort that out and keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Also avoid wearing any makeup if you can, give your skin a head start.

7. I think a backpack is pretty important for me when travelling because I mainly use it to put all my electronics in it, including my camera and my Macbook.  I like to have a go-to location for all of the ‘tech’ which will definitely not be checked in!

8. You’ll want to wear the loosest and comfiest clothing possible when travelling, bad idea to restrict yourself as you’ll need to keep moving around AND think of how you’ll feel after all the snacks you’ll be consuming.  My joggers are perfect, I put them on before I board as I like to be ready.

9. Want to be extra prepared to hydrate?  An empty water bottle or two is always useful.  You can just re-use one you already have or purchase one here.  I don’t like relying on when the drinks trolley comes around.  Ask the attendant to refill a couple for you and it’ll go along way.  Again you’re welcome! 🙂


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